Arsnl Art, a leading platform in the digital art space, has announced its latest offering, “Nascent,” by the esteemed multi-disciplinary artist Ash Thorp. The series, which represents Thorp’s most comprehensive work to date, scrutinizes the human condition in an era characterized by escalating technological reliance. The sale, exclusively available on, runs through June 30.

“Nascent” is a collection of fifteen diptychs, five of which are currently available for purchase. These diptychs delve into a world that has plunged into a mental game of information roulette, underscoring the profound influence of technology in shaping our perceived reality. Through evocative visuals and layered symbolism, Thorp’s series serves as a mirror, revealing the complex interplay between digital consumption and genuine happiness.

The series extends beyond the diptychs, introducing an open edition of “Happiness Pills,” a concept based on the iconography in Thorp’s “Climax.” These “pills” challenge the prevailing notion that happiness can be acquired through purchase and consumption. They are part of a larger concept, “The Drama of Happiness: An NFT Theatrical Performance in 4 Acts,” where Thorp assumes the role of a happiness dealer. The pills are designed to deliver physical chemicals through a virtual interface, marking a first in the NFT space.

Ash Thorp, Climax, from the series “Nascent.” Image:

As consumers of digital culture begin to experience its physical effects, the final acts of “The Drama of Happiness” present them with an irreversible choice. Amidst the constant bombardment of explicit content, breaking news, and curated lives, “Nascent” prompts viewers to engage in deep introspection, aiming to foster a better understanding of our relationship with the digital world.

The sale includes five of the fifteen diptychs that make up the entirety of the “Nascent”: “Balaclava,” “Bliss,” “Consume,” “Following,” and “Climax.” Diptych collectors will receive a full “Pill Set” with their purchase. Additionally, marking Act 1 in “The Drama of Happiness,” eight “Happiness Pill” variants will be offered as an open edition. These pills are arranged thematically and can be purchased individually or as a complete “Pill Set,” which includes a bonus ninth work, the golden “Omnipotence Pill.”

Based in California, Thorp has emerged as a leading figure in Hollywood’s digital design scene over the past decade. His work has been featured in a multitude of high-profile films, from “Ender’s Game” in 2014 to his recent design work on the new Batmobile in the 2022 release of “The Batman.” With a background in both traditional and digital art, Thorp skillfully applies a wide range of techniques to create hyperrealistic animations and renders, effectively blurring the line between reality and computer generation.


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