A pioneering collaboration between Avant Arte, a leading global art marketplace, and Cozomo de’ Medici, a prominent NFT investor and art patron, is poised to further blur the lines between physical and digital art. Their mission is to launch a curated art collection that empowers emerging digital artists to venture into traditional mediums.

Cozomo de’ Medici, an enigmatic benefactor renowned for his substantial investments in the NFT arena and his commitment to cultivating a diverse digital art collection, has previously made headlines for donating 22 NFTs of generative artworks to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). This generous contribution included pieces from esteemed artists such as Dmitri Cherniak, Cai Guo-Quiang, Matt DesLauriers, and Monica Rizzoli, along with collectible NFTs from the CryptoPunks and World of Women collections. His donation was hailed as a significant stride in advocating for digital art within traditional art institutions.

Adding to the intrigue, Cozomo de’ Medici is allegedly the alter ego of rapper Snoop Dogg, a vocal advocate of crypto and Web3. The self-proclaimed “grand patron of the digital arts” first surfaced on the crypto scene in August 2021, amassing a collection of NFTs valued at over $17m. After cultivating a following on Twitter while operating anonymously, de’ Medici promised to unveil his identity, which was subsequently claimed by Snoop Dogg. While many believe that the rapper, known for his blockchain projects including NFT art collections and his NFT record label, is the famed NFT trader, others remain skeptical.

Now, de’ Medici is joining forces with Avant Arte to spotlight top digital artists by encouraging them to create distinctive physical artworks. The roster of selected artists will be unveiled via Twitter from June 28th to 30th, with the inaugural artworks of the collection set to debut on July 25th.

“I am thrilled to partner with Avant Arte to support digital artists in their exploration of the physical medium. Avant has made significant strides in democratizing fine art ownership for a new generation of collectors. Through this partnership, I hope patrons will develop a deeper appreciation for both digital and physical art,” de’ Medici stated.

Avant Arte, established in 2015 as an art-themed blog by two friends, has evolved into a global marketplace showcasing curated artworks from top artists. In March 2022, Avant Arte broadened its scope into the NFT space, collaborating with artists such as David Rudnick, FVCKRENDER, and NessGraphics. The platform now aims to bridge the Web3 space and the real-world art scene, challenging digital artists while inviting traditional art collectors into the NFT market.

This collaboration signifies a pivotal evolution in the art world. As digital and physical mediums continue to intersect, artists are granted new opportunities to experiment and innovate, while collectors are presented with a broader range of artworks to appreciate and invest in.

The partnership between Avant Arte and Cozomo de’ Medici underscores the transformative power of technology in the art world. By supporting digital artists in their exploration of traditional mediums, they are not only pushing the boundaries of artistic expression but also challenging our understanding of what constitutes art in the digital age. This collaboration marks a bold step towards a future where the digital and physical coexist and mutually enrich the realm of art.