Binance, a leading global blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider, is set to launch “Build The Block,” a pioneering digital series in which Web3 startups compete for investment from Binance Labs. This marks Binance’s inaugural venture into the metaverse, presenting a novel show format.

“Build The Block” features 12 contestants, each vying to secure the top spot by impressing a live audience and an esteemed panel of judges. The panel comprises industry figures such as Yi He, Binance’s co-founder, CMO, and head of Binance Labs, Yibo Ling, Binance’s chief business officer, Guy Turner, co-founder of Coin Bureau, Azeem Khan, a member of the World Economic Forum’s Crypto Sustainability Coalition and Gitcoin’s fundraising and partnership lead, and Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands and partner at Animoca Capital. The series will be presented by Justin Bratton, known for his hosting role on Asia’s Got Talent.

Out of more than 900 applications, the chosen contestants will compete in real time before a virtual studio audience and a panel of judges. The series, comprised of seven episodes, will be broadcast on Binance’s YouTube channel and Binance Live. The first episode is scheduled for May 12 at 2 p.m. GMT, with subsequent episodes airing every Tuesday and Friday. The finale is set for June 2.

Yi He, co-founder of Binance and head of Binance Labs, underscored the innovative nature of “Build The Block,” describing it as the industry’s premier metaverse-based investment competition. “We believe in the potential of the metaverse and blockchain technology, and will continue to empower creators to build the future of the internet together,” He said.

Contestants in the competition represent a wide range of Web3 startups, including:

  • Mind Network: a fully encrypted network built on a patented Adaptive Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) framework.
  • Kryptoskatt: a platform that simplifies Web3 finance globally with a comprehensive suite of solutions.
  • Sandbags Protocol: a security protection platform that helps businesses secure their clients’ assets.
  • Wallet Guard: a web3 security extension designed to block wallet drainers and phishing attempts.
  • Ontropy: a blockchain platform that utilizes heavy cryptography and Zero-Knowledge (ZK) protocols.
  • Hana: a Layer 0 for privacy, bringing security and confidentiality to all blockchains.
  • PIP: a Web3 payment company that aims to accelerate the future of global micropayments.
  • The Harvest: a third-person Hero Shooter game focused on team-play, mobility, and abilities.
  • Notebook Labs: a platform that embeds fully compliant KYC and AML infrastructure into DeFi protocols.
  • zkPass: a privacy-preserving identity protocol based on Multi-party Computation (MPC) and Zero-knowledge Proof(ZKP).
  • Bracket Labs: a platform that builds leveraged structured products on-chain.
  • DappOS: a company focused on building an operating protocol to lower the barriers to entry for Web3 applications.

“Build The Block” was developed by Binance Studio, Binance’s in-house Web3 global creative studio, and is staged entirely within the metaverse, utilizing virtual cameras and custom avatars. The series is produced in collaboration with Lifeform, a leading technology solution provider for Web3 virtual human avatars.


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