Following her record-breaking debut on LiveArt in May, which saw a digital collection featuring Grimes sell out in less than a minute, Chen Man is back with her highly anticipated NFT drop, “ZOO.”

Chen Man’s foray into the digital art world has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her initial collection, limited to 500 digital works, not only sold out instantly but also served as a gateway to her Web3 journey. Collectors of these works were granted special access to the artist and opportunities for exclusive offerings, creating a unique blend of art and experience.

Boris Pevzner, CEO and Co-Founder of LiveArt, believes that the success of Chen Man’s collection underscores the vitality of the digital/NFT art space. “Just like in the physical world, if a talented artist creates amazing work, there’s an audience,” says Pevzner. “The success of the Chen Man collection shows us that the digital/NFT art space is alive and well for offerings that go above and beyond to create tremendous value for the audience.”

“ZOO,” Chen Man’s latest Web3 installment, continues the dystopian narrative of AI and human interaction that is a hallmark of her digital work. The piece echoes Elon Musk’s view of “The Singularity” AI event, which he believes could potentially wipe out humanity. “The Last Human” portrays a world at the end of human days, with mother nature poised to reclaim what was once hers.

Vincent Harrison of iv gallery sees Chen Man’s work as a potential game-changer for female artists in the Web3 space. “The sales record for a unique digital/NFT work is $69m by the artist Beeple at Christie’s. So far, female artists haven’t had the same exposure, therefore success, as their male counterparts,” says Harrison. “I believe Chen Man will change the game for female artists in Web3.”

In a move that demonstrates the power of the Web3 digital world to effect change in the physical world, proceeds from the sale of “ZOO” will benefit a wildlife charity. Says Chen, “The Web3 digital world has fostered strong communities doing their part to make the physical world a better place. I’m therefore donating proceeds from this sale to demonstrate that the Chen Man community is also here to make a difference.”

“ZOO” goes live today, July 20th, exclusively on LiveArt.