In a move that merges the worlds of fine wine and cutting-edge technology, today Domaine Achillée and Wine in Block launch an exclusive Non-Fungible Token (NFT) auction for the winery’s “vendanges tardives” 2017 vintage. This marks a pioneering step in the wine industry, as it’s the first time a unique cuvée will be sold exclusively as an NFT, showcasing a novel approach to wine distribution and traceability in the Web3 era.

The 2017 vintage is a slightly sweet cuvée, a departure from Achillée’s usual dry wines. This unique cuvée was born out of unexpected frosts leading to a late harvest, resulting in remarkable sugar content. Only 235 bottles of this rare cuvée have been produced and carefully preserved since 2017. By leveraging Wine in Block’s NFT technology, Achillée ensures the authenticity and quality of the wines, offering consumers a guarantee of their provenance and integrity, all on the blockchain.

The NFT-exclusive cuvée will be available on Romane, Wine in Block’s dedicated wine marketplace, which offers exclusive features and experiences. Buyers can associate unique experiences with each vintage, such as tastings at the winery or the opportunity to join the winery’s membership, all tokenized on the blockchain.

This NFT auction is the first in a series, with Achillée being part of the Liane collective, a group of independent biodynamic winegrowers keen to innovate in their distribution. Liane has outsourced the technical management of its platform to Wine in Block, which handles all operations on the Romane platform.

While NFTs are often associated with digital art and collectibles, Achillée’s move demonstrates the technology’s potential in the realm of biodynamic and natural wines. The winery, known for its commitment to the environment and the unique expression of the Alsatian terroir, aims to offer its customers an innovative and immersive experience, while enhancing the history and exceptional quality of its wines.

As Domaine Achillée and Wine in Block continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the wine industry, they are setting a precedent for other wineries to follow. This innovative approach to wine distribution and traceability could potentially redefine the wine market, offering a new model that blends tradition and modern technology, and paving the way for the future of wine in the Web3 era.


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