Tracking The Trends 2021: A Guide to China’s New-Generation Consumer

The upheaval of 2020 brought a new set of challenges never before experienced by industries around the world. The future direction for luxury and lifestyle sectors continues to hang in the balance, while new paths and trajectories have unfurled for those brands positioned to adapt.

As we put the year that tested our resolve and pushed our purpose behind us, we enter a new inter-COVID climate where China’s rising young generation are redefining the norms and standards of luxury consumption at the global level.

The “Tracking the Trends for 2021: A Guide to China’s New-Generation Consumer” white paper, made possible by cross-cultural agency TONG, spotlights the areas of growth set to go mainstream in Chinese consumer culture over the next 12 months and beyond. As we enter what will undoubtedly be dubbed “The Chinese Decade,” this white paper is essential for brands reconsidering their role in consumers’ lives in China.

Download the joint Jing Group x TONG white paper “Tracking the Trends for 2021: A Guide to China’s New-Generation Consumer” below to learn more about impact-conscious consumerism, short-form engagement, the culture of mega-collaborations, and the rising of creative communities in the Chinese consumer market.