As previously mentioned by Jing Culture & Crypto, the debut of PHOTOFAIRS New York is set to make a significant impact on the city’s dynamic arts scene this September. This pioneering event, organized by Creo, is a celebration of photo-based and digital artworks, highlighting the evolution of image-making practices.

The fair, scheduled for Sept. 8-10 at the Javits Center, will coincide with The Armory Show. This timing solidifies the first week of September as a pivotal point in New York’s arts calendar. The event will feature a curated selection of 60 exhibitors from around the globe, including renowned photography dealers, contemporary art galleries and organizations at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Among the fair’s highlights is the work of transcorporeal artist Huntrezz Janos. Making her art fair debut with TRANSFER’s presentation, “I’ll Be Your Mirror: Art and the Digital Screen,” Janos uses augmented reality to transform the viewer’s perception of self.

Also noteworthy is the work of new media artist and creative technologist LaJuné McMillian. Presented by bitforms, selections from McMillian’s “Self Portrait” series examine how bodies can be translated in ways that humanize the self beyond the data it generates.

© Huntrezz Janos,
Tinsel Polycarbonate, 2019, courtesy of TRANSFER, Miami

Postmasters Gallery will present a unique exploration of the lineage of photography and its intersections with new and digital media. This includes a 4K remastering of Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s “Horror Chase,” a sculpture with algorithm-generated cinematic output based on the chase scene from “Evil Dead 2.” The gallery will also feature Damjanski’s AI-assisted app “Bye, Bye Camera,” which automatically removes people from any photograph, creating a camera for “the post-human era.”

© Quayola, Storm #04, 2022, courtesy of bitforms, New York

PIBI Gallery will present a solo exhibition of video installation artist Yang Ah Ham, including “The Undefined Panorama Series: Webproject.” This interactive web project explores the socio-political realities affecting our daily life by weaving in site visitors’ personal stories to propose a new social structure based on solidarity.

As the world of photography continues to evolve and adapt to the digital age, PHOTOFAIRS New York promises to be a platform for discovery and innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of the medium.


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