Drawing from the vibrant and diverse digital art scene of Los Angeles, Feral File is set to present FEMMEBIT’s In Medias Res, an exhibition that showcases the work of feminist and post-cyberfeminist artists who are redefining the boundaries of celluloid-based media in the age of artificial intelligence.

The exhibition, which opens on August 17, 2023, features new works by artists such as Tuna Bora, Petra Cortright, Huntress Janos, Casey Kauffmann, Wednesday Kim, Eve-Lauryn LaFountain, Anna Luisa Petrisko, Ellie Pritts, and JJ Stratford.

“In Medias Res,” a term referring to the narrative technique of starting a story in the middle, is an apt title for an exhibition reflecting the digital uprootedness of our time. The artists, all based in or around Los Angeles, reimagine the city’s sun-drenched, palm-dappled Hollywood aesthetic as a diffuse and dis-related chaparral, barren cityscape through video gifs and extended reality (XR). Their works challenge conventional definitions of cities, geography, and land ownership, offering new perspectives on urban environments that exist as much in the imagination as in real life.

The exhibition is curated by digital artists Kate Parsons and Janna Avner, with assistance from creative writer and filmmaker Samantha Proctor. In-person events, including an artist talk, will take place at NFTuesday LA at El Cid in Los Angeles on August 15.

FEMMEBIT is a grassroots platform and triennial festival for Los Angeles-based artists working in video and new media. Its mission is to explore how artists working with technology can enable progressive ideas and shape a future receptive to progress. Meanwhile, Feral File commissions curated exhibitions of digital artwork and partners with artists and institutions to explore new ways of exhibiting and collecting.

The collaboration between these two entities promises to deliver an exhibition that pushes the boundaries of digital art and challenges our perceptions of the world around us.


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