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Museums in the Cloud: Connecting with Chinese Audiences

Wednesday, May 20, 12:00 EST

U.S. museums have closed their doors and pivoted to digital tools and strategies. Although the emphasis has understandably rested with maintaining domestic engagement, maintaining connections with international audiences remains essential in the long term. 

This holds especially true for China. Connecting with Chinese cultural consumers requires harnessing tools and platforms unique to the world’s largest outbound tourism. Experts from Jing Travel, China Luxury Advisors, and Content Commerce Insider will outline:

  • How China’s digital landscape is evolving in a cultural context 
  • How WeChat Go’s Mini Programs increase an institution’s reach
  • Tencent’s latest partnership with 11 U.S. Museums — “Museums in the Cloud”

Join the webinar about engaging with Chinese cultural audiences. Register Here.


Notable Events 

Exploring the Future of Museums in the Era of Coronavirus | Wednesday, May 20, 14:00 EDT

Learn how The New Museum, Pérez Art Museum Miami, and The Museum of the Future are thinking about new business models and creating a physically-distanced museum. Register Here


Collections Distancing (Working Amidst COVID-19) | Thursday, May 21, 15:00 EST

Join AAM to learn about reopening precautions for people, art, artifacts, and specimens. Webinar guided by experts in the fields of medicine, museums, and fine art shipping. Register Here


How to Connect Arts, Culture, Heritage and Performance Experiences into the Current Travel Climate | Wednesday, May 27, 13:00 EST

Join a conversation with VISIT FLORIDA, the U.S. Cultural & Heritage Marketing council, and the National Cowboy Museum focused on the current climate, digital engagements, and the 2021 forecast. Register Here


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