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Organized by digital art platform Verse in collaboration with Digital Art Week, ‘HERE’ is set to enliven London’s cultural landscape on November 25th and 26th. Unfolding over two floors of the iconic No.9 Cork Street, the weekend event will showcase the vibrancy and innovation of the digital art world.

‘HERE’ will bring together an impressive array of artists and galleries, including John Gerrard, Stefan Brüggemann, and Lorna Mills, in partnership with esteemed institutions like Lisson Gallery and Galerie Nagel Draxler. This curated convergence marks a significant moment in the art world, highlighting the roles of digital mediums in contemporary art and the global market.

Verse’s curatorial team, led by former Tate curator Leyla Fakhr, has meticulously selected a range of pioneering digital artworks. This selection aims to provide a rare, in-person glimpse of the digital art world’s innovative edge, featuring works by Kevin Abosch, Sofia Crespo, and A.A. Murakami, among others.

The opening events on Saturday evening include talks with artists and other leaders within the digital art space, as well as a live DJ set by AHMD—a collaboration between artists Eddie Peake, Prem Sahib, and George Henry Longly.

‘HERE’ not only showcases established digital artists but also introduces trailblazers who have seamlessly integrated digital technology into their practice. For instance, Paul Pfeiffer’s NFT collection Vs. (2023) from Artwrld, Lorna Mills’ GIF-infused collages from TRANSFER, and Haroon Mirza’s computer-generated Skip_loop (2019) from Lisson Gallery, exemplify the intersection of digital creativity and artistic expression.

Additionally, the event spotlights generative art. Roope Rainisto and Elman Mansimov, presented by Fellowship, explore the interaction between human creativity and AI, while Upstream Gallery’s showcase of Jan Robert Leegte’s Mountains and Drop Shadows (2023) reflects on the juxtaposition of natural splendor and digital abstraction.

HERE will also feature programs and talks, extending the dialogue around digital art. Highlights include a conversation between artist Haroon Mirza and Serpentine curator Kostas Stasinopoulos and a dialogue with artist Jan Robert Leegte, V&A curator Pita Arreola, and Upstream Gallery Founder Nieck de Bruijn.

Verse’s CEO Jamie Gourlay emphasizes the uniqueness of this art world, where digital artworks create thriving online communities. HERE aims to illuminate the fascinating world of NFT art, distinct from digital trading cards, showcasing artists who are pushing boundaries in numerous ways.


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