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Los Angeles’s M Herrington Gallery is set to make its return to this year’s SCOPE Miami Beach (December 5-10), presenting an array of new works from both national and international artists and signaling a fresh wave of artistic ideas and perspectives.

Melissa Herrington, the driving force behind the gallery, is renowned for her large-scale, abstract paintings. Her work is a study in the art of transformation, employing a rich palette of paint, graphite, charcoal, and pigment to craft pieces that invite deep introspection. Herrington’s approach to abstract art is not just about visual allure; it’s an exploration of the fluidity of form and texture, a journey into the essence of change itself.

The centerpiece of the gallery’s showcase at SCOPE Miami Beach 2023 is Herrington’s latest series of paintings. These pieces stand as testaments to her evolving artistic journey, each layered with paint and marked with graphite and charcoal. Herrington’s artistry lies in her ability to encapsulate the complexities of transformation. Each painting functions as an individual statement while contributing to a broader narrative of artistic process and evolution.

Image courtesy of M. Herrington Gallery

A distinctive feature of Herrington’s new works is the interplay of color and form. Her canvases exude a dynamic presence, drawing the viewer into a world of painterly veils and bold swathes of color, frozen in motion. This balance creates a palpable tension, a dance of figure and ground, where abstract shapes slowly yield to form, unveiling new visual realms filled with wonder and joy.

Joining Herrington at the exhibit are several notable artists including Kristen Hart, Angela and Gabriel Collazo, Brett Loving, and Chrys Roboras, each bringing their unique artistic language to the fore. SCOPE attendees are invited to immerse themselves in this artistic dialogue at booth D27, where the intersection of vision and expression promises a memorable experience.


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