Maya Lin, the esteemed artist, architect, and environmental activist, recently unveiled her latest generative art project, “Ghost Forest Seedlings.” This initiative is an extension of Lin’s 2021 installation, “Ghost Forest,” which previously captivated visitors at Madison Square Park in New York City. “Ghost Forest Seedlings” delves into the intricate organic growth patterns found within tree root networks. Each artwork, priced at $1,000, offers a trio of experiences: a unique physical print, an accompanying NFT, and a video timelapse.

But Lin’s vision goes beyond artistic boundaries. With “Ghost Forest Seedlings,” she intertwines art with a purpose. A portion of the project’s proceeds will be channeled to an environmental conservancy organization, highlighting Lin’s dedication to sustainability and ecological preservation.

The project is a collaboration between Pace Verso, known for its innovative Web3 projects at Pace Gallery, and E.A.T_WORKS, a forward-thinking Web3 art studio. Set to launch during Climate Week NYC on September 18, “Ghost Forest Seedlings” resonates with themes of environmental mindfulness.

Visually, the project traces the evolution of seeds as they develop into complex root patterns. Each of the 500 artworks encapsulates this journey through three distinct elements: a signed print that captures the root system’s beauty, a generative NFT that tracks the seedling’s progression, and a video timelapse that showcases the entire growth process.

For those keen to experience Lin’s vision in person, a selection of these prints will be displayed at Pace’s 540 West 25th Street gallery in New York from September 18 to 22.

“Ghost Forest Seedlings” stands as a testament to Maya Lin’s dedication to both the art world and the urgent need to address ecological challenges. Through this project, Lin not only reinforces her stature in the art community but also emphasizes the importance of environmental advocacy.