The inaugural Metaverse Architecture Biennale (MAB), titled “Presence of the Future,” is slated for September 21-24, marking an important moment in the spheres of architecture, design, and digital marketing. Drawing parallels with esteemed events like the Venice Biennale and Expo, this groundbreaking biennale underscores the pivotal role of architecture and design in molding the future of web3 and the burgeoning Metaverse.

Set against the digital backdrops of Decentraland and W3rlds, two of the leading metaverse platforms, attendees are in for a multi-dimensional experience. They’ll have the ability to seamlessly teleport between these digital realms, delving into virtual pavilions meticulously crafted by trailblazing architects, including but not limited to Killa Design, LAVA, PLP, and ATRIUM. The event promises more than just visual marvels; it offers interactive exhibits and a unique opportunity to network with a global consortium of creators.

Spanning four days, the biennale is more than a mere showcase of digital prowess. It’s a deep exploration into the Metaverse’s potential across diverse industries. Attendees can immerse themselves in enlightening talks, riveting performances, and discover avant-garde business solutions tailored for this digital universe.

Sergey Nadtochiy, co-organizer and curator of MAB, shared his vision for the event. “Our goal is to redefine architecture and design’s role in the Metaverse’s evolution, drawing parallels with how graphic design revolutionized the internet we navigate today,” he remarked. Co-organizer Irina Dubovik added that the biennale serves as a beacon, illuminating the vast opportunities the Metaverse presents to businesses globally.

In a commendable move to champion inclusivity and unearth fresh talent, MAB has initiated an open call for architects. This endeavor invites visionaries worldwide to present their innovative designs, with standout projects earning a spot alongside creations from industry stalwarts. The selection panel for this open call is a blend of seasoned architects from renowned digital design studios and experts affiliated with MAB’s organizing bodies, including W3rlds, Dearch Space, and Web3 Digital Marketing.


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