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Set for publication on Nov. 15, “The NFT Book: Everything You Need to Know about the Art and Collecting of Non-Fungible Tokens,” aims to demystify the complex and often opaque world of NFTs. Co-authored by Pulitzer-nominated American author Noah Charney and artist-curator Kenny Schachter, the book seeks to contextualize the rise of NFTs within the broader narrative of art history and collection.

With endorsements from industry insiders, including a foreword by Alex Atallah of Rarible, the work addresses the meteoric rise of digital assets secured by blockchain, which saw a peak in trading activity and valuations in 2021. One such digital piece famously sold for $69 million, prompting widespread debate over the value and authenticity of digital ownership.

Charney, whose expertise in art history is well-established through his work and television presentations, examines the phenomenon from an analytical standpoint, drawing parallels with traditional art collecting. Schachter, listed among the 30 most influential people in the NFT space in 2021, provides a granular look at the NFT marketplace, informed by his extensive experience as an artist and lecturer on the digital art circuit.

The book is expected to bridge the knowledge gap for those in the traditional art sector and beyond, offering a narrative on the collectibility, trade, and valuation of NFTs. Charney’s background, including his notable works “The Museum of Lost Art” and the Pulitzer Prize-nominated “Collector of Lives: Giorgio Vasari and the Invention of Art,” suggests a deep dive into the subject matter, rendered accessible to a broad readership.

Schachter’s involvement in the adaptation of the traditional art world to the NFT market underscores the practical insights the book promises to deliver. His experience in curating NFT exhibitions and lecturing from prestigious platforms like Yale to the Hirschhorn Museum lends credibility to his commentary on the digital art phenomenon.