The Institute of Arab and Islamic Art (IAIA) in New York recently unveiled “Six Landscapes,” an exhibition curated by Mohammed Rashid Al-Thani featuring the works of Daniele Genadry and Matt Saunders, running from Nov. 7, 2023, to Feb. 18, 2024.

This discerning exhibit at 22 Christopher St., in the heart of the city, showcases a collaboration between two diverse artists, who use photography and film to expand the horizons of painting. With six paintings, alongside an array of drawings and prints, the show delves into the artists’ unique processes of transforming photographed landscapes into vibrant painted worlds.

Genadry, who splits her time between Paris and Beirut, paints from both photography and memory, capturing the fleeting nature of experience and time. Her recent accolades include solo exhibitions at prestigious venues such as the Jameel Arts Center and Beirut Art Center, and she’s also a 2024 Munn Artist Award recipient. Her pieces demand an adjustment in viewer perception, a deliberate contemplation to uncover their essence.

Saunders, an artist and professor based in New York, Berlin, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, predominantly uses film as his muse. His technique involves painting scenes onto linen and then projecting light through the material to create exposures on photographic paper, a method that dissects the stability of an image and invites viewers to grapple with the perception of time and space.

Exhibiting together for the first time, Genadry and Saunders offer insights into the fluid dialogue between painting and photography. “Six Landscapes” examines the impact of minor variations in repeated scenes, emphasizing how subtle shifts can profoundly alter the interpretation of an image.

The IAIA, known for bridging cultural gaps, hosts this exhibition in alignment with its mission to enhance artistic and cultural exchanges between New York and the Arab and Islamic worlds. The institute emphasizes collaboration and outreach, striving to present a nuanced view of these rich cultures.

“Six Landscapes” is not just a showcase of artistic talent but also a manifestation of IAIA’s commitment to cultural dialogue and the deep investigation of visual perception.

For more information about the “Six Landscapes” exhibition, visit the Institute of Arab and Islamic Art at 22 Christopher St., New York, or their website.


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