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TRLab, a fine art-focused tech startup with bases in New York and Hong Kong, has successfully raised $5 million in a seed funding round, signaling a robust growth trajectory for the firm that stands at the intersection of art and technology.

The funding round, led by Hivemind Capital Partners and OKX Ventures with participation from HashKey Capital, marks a pivotal moment for the women-led startup. Co-founded by Xin Li-Cohen, a non-executive deputy chairman at Christie’s, and CEO Audrey Ou, TRLab has garnered support from significant players in the art and tech industries, including Pace Gallery and the founders of Artsy and Shanghai’s Rockbund Art Museum.

Since its inception in 2021, TRLab has been on a mission to revolutionize the digital art space, creating educational and gamified cultural experiences that go beyond current Web3 trends. Leveraging a ‘play-to-learn’ approach, the company has introduced individuals from over 60 countries to the works of modern artist Alexander Calder through a partnership with the Calder Foundation, a collaboration set to continue until 2024.

The newly acquired capital is slated to facilitate a series of ambitious initiatives, including the onboarding of additional artists and cultural institutions onto TRLab’s platform and the integration of new technologies to enhance the digital art collecting experience. The company also plans to launch immersive digital art exhibitions, with the first scheduled for November.

Audrey Ou expressed pride in the support and commitment received from Hivemind and OKX Ventures, noting that TRLab occupies a unique space in the digital art and Web3 platforms. She emphasized the company’s mission-driven approach, which fosters a deeper understanding of fine art and individual artists.

Investors echoed Ou’s enthusiasm, with Matt Zhang of Hivemind highlighting TRLab’s potential to spearhead a digital art renaissance by blending renowned artistry with cutting-edge technology. Jeff Ren of OKX Ventures praised the startup for pioneering a new era where Web3 technology meets timeless expression.

As TRLab gears up to shape the future of digital cultural heritage, the art world is keenly watching, anticipating a digital renaissance that seamlessly integrates technology with timeless artistry, potentially heralding a new chapter in the rich tapestry of global cultural heritage.


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