The Institut Giacometti in Paris is set to unveil a new exhibition dedicated to Alberto Giacometti’s iconic work, “The Nose.” This exhibition, which brings together all versions of the sculpture, offers a unique exploration of the artist’s work, which he revisited over several years.

“The Nose,” produced in various versions between 1947 and 1964, is a grotesque figure that evokes both the popular character of Pinocchio and a vision of death. The exhibition highlights the multiple cultural roots of these sculptures, drawing parallels with art history’s Vanitas and anamorphoses, popular culture’s carnival-like figures, and traditional African and Oceanian objects, particularly New Guinean masks.

The exhibition also showcases a wide selection of Giacometti’s sculpted portraits, revealing his unique relationship with anatomy. On many occasions, he focused on the nose of his model. A selection of previously unseen drawings will illustrate the place of caricature in his imagination and will be seen for the first time by the public.

For the first time, five versions of “The Nose” are being shown together, including three different models in plaster from the collections of the Fondation Giacometti and the Centre Pompidou, two bronzes, including a loan from the Justin Sun Collection, and all the drawings and archives related to this iconic sculpture.

The exhibition also includes iconic works that introduce the artist’s thoughts on death: the renowned “Point to the Eye” (1932), “Head-Skull” (1934), and “Head on a Road” (1947). In addition, a selection of busts, especially of the artist’s brother Diego Giacometti (1955-56), show the very particular contrast between the frontal and lateral views in Giacometti’s sculptures, of which “The Nose” is a perfect expression.

The exhibition also presents the powerful fascination that this icon of modern art – who also paved the way for the beginnings of contemporary art – exercises on living artists. Four major international artists with a variety of practices present works that dialogue with this sculpture.

The exhibition is organized in an exceptional partnership with APENFT Foundation and TRON. This financial sponsorship, intended to support the Fondation’s important research programs, has notably helped fund the research and organization of the exhibition.

The exhibition’s catalogue, jointly published by Fondation Giacometti and Fage éditions, provides a comprehensive overview of the work and its sources. The catalogue also highlights the outstanding contributions of Rui Chafes, Ange Leccia, Annette Messager, and Hiroshi Sugimoto.


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