In a move that’s generating buzz in the world of Web3, Upstream, a company that specializes in Web3 infrastructure, is launching the online course “My First DAO.” This course is designed to instruct students on how to construct a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), with a 24-week curriculum that will delve into topics such as tokenomics, governance structures, and compliance concepts.

The course employs a “learn and earn” model, which purports to reward students for their active participation. To enroll, students are required to mint a “DAOphin,” a dolphin-themed non-fungible token (NFT) created by Process Grey, the artist behind the Goblintown collection. However, the future value and marketability of such NFTs, like all digital assets in this volatile space, are uncertain.

Upon completion of the course, students are promised the opportunity to “burn” their DAOphin NFT and receive a generative art piece with built-in rarity traits. The rarity of these traits is said to be influenced by the student’s level of participation in the course, although the specifics of how this will be measured and implemented remain unclear.

Alex Taub, co-founder of Upstream, has voiced concerns about the lack of educational resources for Web3 builders. “There’s a significant knowledge gap when it comes to starting online communities. Concepts like tokenomics, governance, and voting are often misunderstood, which can hinder adoption,” Taub said. While this may be true, it remains to be seen whether a single course can effectively bridge this gap and lead to successful DAO creation.

The DAOphin open-edition mint is available until May 29, with each NFT priced at 0.015 ETH, or roughly $30. The course is set to begin on June 1 and will conclude in December with a wrap party at Miami’s Art Basel. However, potential students should be aware that the value of their investment in both time and money hinges on the success of the course and the future of DAOs, both of which are far from guaranteed in the rapidly changing world of Web3.

Last year, Upstream hosted its first DAO-A-THON at Art Basel, a competition for DAO builders to pitch their early Web3 community ideas. This year, students who complete the course will supposedly be able to take over the NFT collection’s intellectual property (IP) and its funded DAO treasury. While this may sound appealing, it’s important to remember that the practical application and potential profitability of these skills and assets in the real world remain largely unproven over the long term.

Yet Upstream’s Taub remains confident in the potential of DAOs moving forward, noting, “As our digital lives continue to expand, DAOs are becoming increasingly relevant, especially when it comes to purchasing digital assets collectively.”


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