Verse, a digital art platform, is launching a weekend-long event this November at London’s No.9 Cork Street. Dubbed “HERE,” the event aims to spotlight the artists and galleries at the forefront of the digital art landscape. The exhibition will feature works from notable artists such as John Gerrard, Haroon Mirza, Stefan Brüggemann, and Lorna Mills, in collaboration with leading galleries like Lisson Gallery and Galerie Nagel Draxler.

But HERE is not merely an art show; it’s a forum for discussing the role of digital mediums in both contemporary art and the global art market. The event will include a series of talks and panels designed to foster dialogue around the digital art world’s driving ideas and issues. This initiative caps off a bustling November for London’s digital art scene, following the city’s Digital Art Week earlier in the month.

Jamie Gourlay, co-founder and CEO of Verse, highlighted the transformative impact of digital art in the blockchain and NFT era. “Since the ownership of digital artworks became provable, a thriving new art world has emerged,” Gourlay said.

Organized by Leyla Fakhr, Verse’s artistic director and a former curator at the Tate, the event promises a unique in-person experience featuring a range of pioneering digital artworks. Among the works on display are examples of generative art, such as alignDRAW, a text-to-image model that has been a game-changer for generative AI art. This collection captures written prompts in a new visual language, revealing the creative synergy between humans and machines.

HERE serves as both an exhibition and a statement on the evolving role of art in the digital age. It stands as a tribute to the artists and innovators who have been incorporating digital technologies into their practices long before the advent of blockchain-based artworks. The event is free and open to the public, offering an accessible platform for anyone interested in the future of art.

Opening event
Saturday 25th November

On View
25 – 26 Nov 2023
9 Cork St
London W1S 3LL

Free to attend
Open to the public


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