The E-Commerce Berlin Expo is set to host the first Creators of the Metaverse Fest on Feb. 23, 2023. With a focus on inclusivity, education, and networking, the event will see Web3 and VR experts, crypto and NFT enthusiasts, and more than 9,000 expo visitors exchange ideas on blockchain technologies and VR in e-commerce.

Attendees will learn about the current state of the Metaverse, what is hype, and what will soon be real. They will also learn how virtual realities generate genuine value for customers and businesses in B2C and B2B. The speakers at the event will cover a wide range of topics, from how artificial intelligence and digital clothes are transforming the fashion industry in a sustainable way to using NFTs and a community to fund the world’s first Web3 brewery.

The lack of skilled workers in the STEM field is noticeably slowing down Europe’s economic development, according to the consulting firm McKinsey. Doubling the share of women in tech roles to up to 45 percent by 2027 could boost Europe’s gross domestic product by €260 billion to €600 billion. This is another reason why the organizers of the Creators of the Metaverse Fest are offering a diverse selection of speakers. The different representatives and perspectives are intended to contribute to advancing knowledge exchange, inclusion, networking, and innovation in Germany.

According to Ben Harmanus, Founder of the Creators of the Metaverse Fest and International Product Marketing & Storytelling Lead at HubSpot, “Blockchain-based technologies, virtual realities and the Metaverse will transform every industry and private sphere of life. However, metaverse platforms in particular are not yet living up to the hype. Therefore it’s underestimated how important it is to foster diversity among those influencing essential elements of the future Metaverse now. Only through diversity do we create a complementary digital layer that offers new opportunities for everyone equally.”

The event aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the digital industry and bring it to the Metaverse. Visitors can make new contacts on the fly in the speed networking area. At noon, the organizations wom3n.DAO, Crypto Girls Club, H.E.R. DAO, or Women in Blockchain Talks (WiBT) will jointly invite attendees to a community meetup to promote diversity in the digital industry.

Technology corporations like Meta and Apple are developing VR headsets and non-blockchain virtual experiences. In contrast, rising Web3 start-ups aim for an open, interconnected network of metaverse platforms. In a closing panel discussion, Jürgen Geuter (ART+COM), Jocelyne Royer, and other experts will discuss whether current metaverse developments will lead to isolated communities and unequal opportunities.

Participation in the event is free of charge, and visitors can register for a ticket on the E-Commerce Berlin Expo website. The Creators of the Metaverse Fest promises to be an inclusive event that will bring together experts, enthusiasts, and visitors from diverse backgrounds to discuss the future of blockchain technologies, virtual realities, and the Metaverse.


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