Since they were propelled into the cultural mainstream in 2021, NFTs have been of significant focus for a number of cultural organizations. Within a year, museums have embarked on NFT sales, exhibitions, and educational series to variously fundraise, engage new demographics, and participate in the emerging realm of digital art. But this intersection between NFTs and cultural institutions remains narrow; more than a token to be traded or exhibited, the NFT represents an opening for organizations to deliver and enhance the museum experience. 

In our ongoing partnership with NFT marketplace Iconic Moments, Jing Culture & Crypto, a vertical by Jing Culture & Commerce, will be hosting an upcoming webinar to explore the opportunities NFTs present museums. Happening on July 28 at 10am EST / 3pm GMT, “Delivering The Museum Experience Through NFTs” will delve into how cultural organizations can leverage Web3 technologies to embark on work not limited to digital preservation, storytelling, patronage, and community building. 

Adding to the discussion are guest panelists who are steeped in both museum and NFT practices. We’ll be joined by Diane Drubay, Founder of We Are Museums and Head of Arts & Culture at TZ Connect / Tezos, who’s also spearheaded initiatives such as WAC Fellowship and WAC Weekly; and Frances Liddell, an independent researcher whose Crypto Connections project with the National Museums Liverpool was the subject of her thesis, The Crypto-Museum

The event will be co-moderated by Chris Cummings, Founder and CEO of Iconic Moments, and Jing Culture & Commerce’s Fei Lu.

For museum and cultural practitioners hoping to onboard their institutions, the webinar will provide practical takeaways into how museums can integrate Web3 technologies to add value to the visitor experience and enhance their missions through NFTs and blockchain technology. The virtual event is free to attend; sign up below.

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