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Following its inaugural release earlier this year, Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week will return in March 2023 with a new and improved strategy. The platform has said that it has been looking to scale up its interoperability between different virtual worlds, meaning designers will also be able to showcase their work in the likes of Spacial and Over, and participating brands will receive further support.

Advisory board members include participants from the Institute of Digital Fashion, The Fabricant, Mad Global, and more.

A running theme throughout the event is the concept of “digital twins,” or virtual reproductions of real-world items. Returning fashion houses and emerging designers will debut fresh takes on the nascent digital twin movement, showcasing the new utility from both perspectives.

A CFDA-recognized Fashion Week will also participate during MVFW23, following the organization’s recent 60th anniversary NFT release.

Learning from this year’s barriers and challenges, the second edition of MVFW also explores the theme of “Future Heritage.” As part of this, it aims to bring higher visibility to the opportunities for fashion in Web3, and encourage more of the industry’s mainstream crowd into the metaverse.

Participants for the showcase will be announced in January.


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